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About Us

Shopping Bazar– India's Leading Online Shopping Market is leading online shopping website in India which brings merchants and customers of their services together. It aims to make the shopping planning process easier by providing list of thousands of merchants in India who can be accessed 24x7. 

Today most of your customers are making purchase decisions on internet. Online shopping these days has become a trend, people find it the easiest. is India’s fastest growing local search site. It allows you to promote your business online create online store and sell products easily. Also, helps you beat out the local competition & attract more local customers. is the easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse of your city. It digs out some unusual places in the city to visit and tells you everything you need to know before going for shopping. offers a wealth of shopping opportunities for you in different categories. Get the inside on where and what to buy and various shopping deals in India.

You can even share more about your city. welcomes you to discover and share new local experiences. Together we can help each other discover all of the best things to do and see in your city.

How can help your business? 

-Advertise your business, product & services online.

-Attract customers & boost sales.

-Build your brand awareness.

-Increase opportunities for local leads.

-Extent your reach in your local market.

-Deliver more clicks, calls and visits to your business.

-Provides an unique platform to sell products online.

-Connect to customers 24/7.

-Get more customers in the door. gives you the best answers to questions about your city!

What’s hot in your city?

What are the most fun and interesting things to do in your city?

Where are the best places to shop in your city?

What’s the best things happening in your city?

If you don’t know where to shop in India and want to have a great shopping experience in India, make sure to visit If you are interested in our services for more details regarding a new partner-relation, please do not hesitate to contact us: We welcome All Business to become our partners.

Enjoy a shopping spree… Happy Shopping…!!



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